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Thank You,

William Peters


Without the efforts of the following individuals, it is doubtful that these pages would even exist.
I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for their hard work and numismatic assistance!!

Bill Puetz
For Hosting This Site!



Stephen Minnoch

Who not only gave me fish (numismatically speaking), but taught me how to fish, so that I could develop my provincial attribution skills. He literally guided me throughout the creation of these pages and gently corrected me on my many mistakes and blunders.


Dave Surber

In Memoriam

His two sites (listed below) were instrumental in helping me to solve many a provincial attribution mystery!

Ancient Coins of the Balkan Peninsula
Nikola Moushmov



Hannes Mayer

His site not only helped me find the proper cities to start my provincial search, but his search entry form was an invaluable
tool in allowing me to type in Greek legends and then be able cut & paste them directly into my HTML!


My Wife

Although she still wants to know why I'm not selling these coins, my Wife has been patient
and kind while I devoted so much time and effort into the creation of these pages.


Last But Not Least

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank all the list members of the various numismatic lists who have shared, assisted and inspired me with their friendship, knowledge and helpfulness!

Thank You!!!